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Tower Mother & Child image
Tower Mother & Child image

Tower Mother & Child


baby blue ,lilac, black, greens, yellows, aubergine, red, and orange

Recycled wax and local beeswax

Approximate size: Mother: 6 ¼ × 1 ⅛ inches (15.9 × 2.9 cm) Child: 1 ¾ × 1 ⅛ inches (4.5 × 2.9 cm)

The candle set you receive will not be the exact one pictured here but instead will be a unique piece, custom made for you, in this colorway. Please allow a 2 week lead time. Every candle is a unique sculpture and made by hand, thus any idiosyncrasies are inherent and part of the overall story of each candle. All pieces are final sale.

Please refer to the candle care and safety page. Because of the varied nature of the reclaimed wax, the wax may stain some surfaces. We advise not storing the candles on a wood surface.